Based on Truth

I'm a simple girl who likes simple things. Jesus, the calm spring breeze and the crashing of waves, but most importantly children and a passion filled life. I promote and teach humanitarian involvement in today's youth by spreading love and instilling youth with a passion for life. Walk in faith, preach love and invest in people's lives, that's what it's all about. :)

You may see

You may see me sitting here smiling

You see my curves and my hips

My loving attitude, yes and my lips

My brown skin so smooth so right

My confident swagger here in plain sight

You see my eyes so caring so bold

You see my hands and you want to hold

But my friend you don’t see me

For am I not my hips and my thighs

See, I’m a woman of God

I’m just here in disguise

I’m here to teach you,  I’m here to lure you

I’m a fisher of men and I can fool you

I don’t want your money, I don’t want your cars

I speak the word of God and his people behind bars

See you see me, though you see me not

I love Jesus and I can not be bought

This is the life he has planned for me

I’m am fighting for the kingdom of God, can’t you see?

Listen to these words, listen to my voice

Because now that you’ve heard

You have a choice

I am here for you and the one who sent me

I will leave soon, this is my final degree

Don’t see the hurting world and just let it be.

We all have a path you and I

but what will they say about you when you die?

-Lakendra Burgess

♥ So I see all these girls on Facebook and Tumblr claiming that they are in love but their are so silly. If falling in love makes me naive then I won’t be slipping because love…true love never returns void. So if I’m stupid his IQ better be 34! ♥

—Lakendra Burgess

rissachantal asked: Yes, I would appreciate it if you followed the ministry that I'm apart of :) We do everything from bible study, evangelism, and leadership training. The name of the ministry on here is Change Collegian Network and the username is changeyourcampus.

Sure thing! If you need anything else please do not hesitate to ask. :)

I’m not perfect.

I’m not perfect. Shall I say it again?

I’m not perfect. Don’t understand.

I’m. Not. Perfect.

I get angry.  I judge.

I’m a tad bit impatient.

Sometimes others don’t see Christ in me.

I long. I yearn.

I weep. I’m torn.


I’m am shameless.

I’m happy in my skin.

I’m accountable.

I’m not controlled by sin.

I preach through patience.

Other’s see the love of Christ in me.

I long for the day.

I yearn for the moment.

I weep for the broken.

I’m torn with the flesh.

My God is real.

You can see it in me.

I am The Church.

God’s body.

I am not perfect.

I am forgiven. 

-Lakendra Burgess


Really Tim Tebow? Why are you trying to protect your “image”? An image is just what people perceive you as. So people THINK that you are a goodie, Christian, Jesus loving guy. I’m not doubting who you are, but if that is really who you are why protect it so badly. At the end of the day people are going to write about you. Good, bad, real or superficial. If this is really who you are you wouldn’t have to protect it. God will show them who you really are if you keep seeking his face. Is this you Tim Tebow or is this that knew agency you signed on with. Watch out my friend. You are getting too high, you will fall and fall hard.